A birthday holiday

It was my birthday in August! And we (a bunch of close friends) went on a holiday to Goa for five days surrounding my birthday. We had a wonderful time there, particularly given the fact that mobile phone connectivity was poor and we hardly had any access to internet. It was such a refresher not to think about work or have any urges to check fb/mails/instagram.

Some fun facts about Goa and a few favourite snapshots from our lovely time there:

Of potted plants and lavender toe nails

It was such a nice change to experience little or no traffic in Goa. Unlike most other places in India, we did not find ourselves stuck even in a single traffic jam.

People in Goa are sweet, kind and friendly. I don’t remember anyone behaving rudely with us. May be because they’re so much used to tourists and outsiders being part of their everyday life?

Tunnel after tunnel in the train to Goa

The 3 arches in Goa

It was quite a mission to find proper Indian chai in Goa. After 4 days of hunting, we stumbled across a coffee shop which served Mumbai-famous ‘masala cutting chai’. Monsoon and chai…Mmmmmmmm 🙂

Masala cutting chai in Goa

Cakes and hot cuppas at Mocha, Goa

On my birthday, I decided to ride a motor bike! I wasn’t sure how long I would take to learn riding one. But after a short lesson which lasted less than a minute, I took control and voila! I drove like I always knew how to drive. It was so much fun! This is a definite addition to my happy corner (#9).

Driving a motorbike in Goa

While we waited for the rain to stop

It rained all day on my birthday. So while we waited indoors for the rain to take a break, I blew some bubbles in the air. Blow a bubble, watch it float in the air, chase it and then finally watch it burst. Repeat ‘n’ number of times. I promise it never gets boring.

At sunset time, we rushed to Fort Aguada to see the sunset (one of the things on my birthday wish-list). But alas, dark clouds => no sun => no sunset. But I got to do something fun (also one of the things on my birthday wish-list) while we stood on Fort Aguada at the sea. I wrote a short message on a piece of paper, folded it, put it in an empty bottle, sealed the bottle and swung it into the open sea. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 (I know this makes it two additions to my happy corner (#10) in this post but hey! This HAS to go into that diary).

The message in the bottle carried one of the biggest epiphanies of my life. My most favourite part of this little act: not knowing what will happen to the message and the bottle.

Waiting to swing the 'message in a bottle' into the Arabian sea

Watching the bottle vanish

There were three other things I had on my birthday wish-list but unfortunately, the rain did not make it happen. The three unfulfilled things were: climb a tree, etch my name on that tree and watch the sunset at the sea. Adding them to my future birthday wish-list 🙂

Coming back home after the holiday made me remind myself of how much I love travelling. Sigh.




Last weekend

Last weekend, I went out to a resort with my family. It turned out to be quite relaxing and gave us a chance to beat the crazy summer.

It was quite an interesting little place. We played a game of bowling and I’m disappointed to say that my bowling skills are diminishing by the day! There were days when I used to effortlessly score above 100. But during my last couple of attempts, I barely made it beyond 40-50 😦  No matter what I do, I don’t seem to be able to prevent the ball from falling into the gutters (left side gutter mostly). Anyway, here’s the last section of my scoreboard. Just look at the number of zeroes! 😦

I quickly replaced the troublesome thoughts of these zeroes with some fun at the pool and water slides. Splash splash splash!








Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

I stumbled upon this weekly photo challenge started by the guys at WordPress as part of their “Post A Day” initiative. This week’s topic for the photo challenge is “Through” in which the participants post a picture which depicts “through” in their opinion.

I thought it’d be fun to take part and here’s my photo. In this photo, we see Taj Mahal “through” the entrance arches of one its adjacent guest houses. It was dusk when this photo was taken. I love this photo since the dark interiors of the beautiful guest house, the dim light highlighting the arches of the entrance and the magnificent Taj Mahal in white make a wonderful combination.

Travel – South India

These are the photos from our travels across South India.

1) Sunset caught in our mirror

2) Go green! Rice fields and coconut farms

3) Coconuts and autos

4) Old temple

5) Wheel, a mini sundial

6) Big chandeliers

7) On top of a hill

8) Arabian sea – backwaters

9) A banyan tree?

10) Sunrise

That concludes the photo share for our recent holiday across India. More holidays planned for this year and so more exciting photos to come.

Travel – North India Part 2

Continuing from the previous post…

9) Designs on a ceiling

10) Spot the wonder!

11) Tractor on a highway

12) Arches in a row

13) Beautiful pillars

14) A really busy street

15) Formula 1 in India

16) Sunset and travel “on” a bus

I absolutely love the variety and diversity in culture, landscape and lifestyle in India. I wish I had taken similar photos which capture the character of the place in our previous holidays as well. But better late than never.

South India photos to follow in the next blog.



Travel – North India Part 1

I have been thinking of sharing these photos from our travel across India but never had the time to do so until now. These photos are not the usual touristy ones; they are a snapshot of how I perceive India. I’ve picked a few favourites from the lot, here they are:

1. Inside outside

2. Jaipur

3. Marble Idols

4. Trunks & Colours

5. Horses taking a rest

6. View from a fort

7. Flowers

8. A beautiful lamp post in one of Jaipur’s palaces


More to follow in the next blog…