Earth hour

It’s that time of the year again. I love being part of earth hour! Tomorrow: Saturday 29th March 8.30 pm – 9.30 pm is earth hour time for 2014. For those of you who are new to earth hour: every year a big chunk of the people living in our beautiful planet celebrate earth hour – a pre-determined one hour during which people turn off lights in their homes, a gesture to remind ourselves to be planet-friendly. I have also read that some big corporations, cities etc,. take part in this fun event too and turn off lights e.g. big landmarks like Edinburgh castle, the Empire state building and so on turn off lights too! How cool is that!

I first heard of earth hour in 2011 and ever since then, we (my family and I) have been celebrating it every year. The first hour in 2011 was a well planned one; we cooked a lovely meal and made some cocktails at home beforehand. So when the lights went out at 8.30 pm sharp, we had a lovely candle-lit dinner at home πŸ™‚ The next two years, I came to realise about earth hour on the day and could not do much prior planning. I just turned off the lights and the telly too! Since the time coincided with dinner time, we ended up having a candle-lit dinner during the next two earth hours too. In 2012, I remember I climbed up to the terrace after dinner and watch the night sky. I find it exciting to be part of earth hour, I try taking some photos too. I also find that during this one hour, turning off lights has a close analogy to turning ourselves off from our usual routine and do something special. I love my conversations with family during this time, I also love watching the night sky and feel closer to nature. So tomorrow, wherever I am during the earth hour, I am going toΒ  celebrate it. I hope you will too and make this unique one hour of the entire year even more bigger.

Now for the happy corner (background: I took up a challenge to add a happy corner section to each of my next 100 posts starting from my last post; Hopefully from this challenge, I’ll learn to be more happy and appreciate the little things in my life).

My happy corner #2:

Tonight’s dinner date! We decided to go try a new restaurant near home. Given that we are food-lovers, I’m really looking forward to this new place which serves Mediterranean cuisine. They also have live music on Friday nights! Next exciting bit about tonight: I’m going to wear a new dress (for a fashion enthusiast like me, its a big deal). And most of all, I’m looking forward to the time we will spend together. It’s gonna be fun, yaay! πŸ˜‰