Earth hour

It’s that time of the year again. I love being part of earth hour! Tomorrow: Saturday 29th March 8.30 pm – 9.30 pm is earth hour time for 2014. For those of you who are new to earth hour: every year a big chunk of the people living in our beautiful planet celebrate earth hour – a pre-determined one hour during which people turn off lights in their homes, a gesture to remind ourselves to be planet-friendly. I have also read that some big corporations, cities etc,. take part in this fun event too and turn off lights e.g. big landmarks like Edinburgh castle, the Empire state building and so on turn off lights too! How cool is that!

I first heard of earth hour in 2011 and ever since then, we (my family and I) have been celebrating it every year. The first hour in 2011 was a well planned one; we cooked a lovely meal and made some cocktails at home beforehand. So when the lights went out at 8.30 pm sharp, we had a lovely candle-lit dinner at home πŸ™‚ The next two years, I came to realise about earth hour on the day and could not do much prior planning. I just turned off the lights and the telly too! Since the time coincided with dinner time, we ended up having a candle-lit dinner during the next two earth hours too. In 2012, I remember I climbed up to the terrace after dinner and watch the night sky. I find it exciting to be part of earth hour, I try taking some photos too. I also find that during this one hour, turning off lights has a close analogy to turning ourselves off from our usual routine and do something special. I love my conversations with family during this time, I also love watching the night sky and feel closer to nature. So tomorrow, wherever I am during the earth hour, I am going toΒ  celebrate it. I hope you will too and make this unique one hour of the entire year even more bigger.

Now for the happy corner (background: I took up a challenge to add a happy corner section to each of my next 100 posts starting from my last post; Hopefully from this challenge, I’ll learn to be more happy and appreciate the little things in my life).

My happy corner #2:

Tonight’s dinner date! We decided to go try a new restaurant near home. Given that we are food-lovers, I’m really looking forward to this new place which serves Mediterranean cuisine. They also have live music on Friday nights! Next exciting bit about tonight: I’m going to wear a new dress (for a fashion enthusiast like me, its a big deal). And most of all, I’m looking forward to the time we will spend together. It’s gonna be fun, yaay! πŸ˜‰


2 rants and introducing “my happy corner”

There are a couple of things that have frustrated me lately and I have an urge to write about them.

1) People relating to me solely on the basis of my origin i.e. where I was born, where my parents come from, where my partner comes from and so on. In a professional world, how does it matter where you are from. Both professional relationships and personal relationships should be based on what a person is, what their interests/hobbies/skills are and so on. It flips me out when I see a sense of immediate “connection” that people feel as soon as they realise that I can speak their language and that I am from the same state/city as they are. I can see why they feel connected in that they feel comfortable due the ‘common’ aspects. So far so good. But they go that extra mile to be nice to you because you have a common origin or conversely (which is the worse bit), they are less nice to you if you are from a different origin compared to someone who is from the same origin as they are. I just don’t understand the bias! I connect with a person on the basis of common interests/skills or complementary interests/skills or a good sense of humour or because they are generally nice and so on so forth.

2) Gossip: I’ll be honest and admit that I gossip too. However, I gossip to people about people who they have no connection with. And since the listener doesn’t know the person that I’m gossiping about, he/she will not spread the gossip any further except rarely, when they (for some disconnected reason) narrate the story to someone totally unrelated again. So due to this “disconnected” nature, I find my gossiping to be less guilty, because my gossip doesn’t really harm the person that I’m gossiping about. Now there is a second type of gossiping where one gossips to another about someone they both know. This is dangerous because this is where the gossip spreads like fire. A lot of people have this compulsiveness to spread the gossip faster if it is about someone they both know. And more often than not, it ends up in bad/harmful publicity for the person who is being gossiped about. And worse: the gossip is not 100% factual. It snowballs from one mouth to the other and ends up becoming a mess. Why do people have this compulsive disorder of being excited about spreading bad and wrong information? What is exactly exciting about the bad/wrong information about someone? Is it the sense of ‘feel-good-about-oneself’ and therefore a sense of superiority resulting from talking bad about someone else? All this doesn’t sound good at all. As I said earlier, I’m guilty of some level of gossip too and I’m working towards bringing that to nil gossip. I know it’s going to be difficult not to gossip but I’ll compensate this with other guilty pleasures πŸ˜‰

Now the things that made me smile/happy:

I have come across this awesome challenge called #100happydaysΒ where everyday you have to submit a picture of what made you happy. It can be as simple as your morning coffee or a flower in your garden or a dinner with someone close to you. It is a wonderful to remember and appreciate that small things that we do everyday make us happy. By posting out pictures everyday of such small ‘happy’ things, we tend to develop a sense of gratitude for the good things we have in life. I badly need to develop that habit of being happy and thankful for what I have, instead of being sulky because of the things that make me unhappy/frustrated.

So I decided to take up a similar challenge in my blog posts. It is going to be almost impossible for me to post a blog everyday. Therefore, with some modification to the challenge, I came up with this idea to write a “my happy corner” in each of my 100 posts that I’m going to write next. It may be unrelated to the post but there will be a happy corner to describe what made me happy lately. I’m hoping this will spread a little bit of ‘happy’ magic dust over me and the people who read it. πŸ™‚

Now, quickly moving onto the first “my happy corner”:

My Happy Corner #1

I finally managed to find time to start painting. For months, I have been dying to stir up my interest in art projects. Over the last few years, the demanding nature of my career meant that the artsy side of me went into pathetic hibernation. I have missed that side of me a lot because I totally love art projects like sketching, home decor – DIY, painting etc. I’m not a pro in any of these things however I am good enough to make me happy πŸ˜‰ So, anyway, I recently managed to de-prioritise a few things so I can spend some time painting. I have started testing out a few designs on paper so that once I finalise a design, I can paint on a T-shirt or a collared shirt. Sounds like fun? Yes me thinks. I shall try and post pics of the project once it starts taking some shape.