“I’m back” and some lessons learnt

Someone wise once said, “Our life is what our thoughts make it”. I understood it the moment the I read it, but today, I can feel the truth behind it.

The last time I blogged was more than an year ago. Life became extremely busy and hectic between then and now. I struggled to find time to do the tiniest of things that made me happy. So after putting myself through misery for an year, I took stock of what is important to me in life and what is not. Some very big decisions involved in that process. Although, I haven’t completely come out of the hectic lifestyle, I enjoy a good work-life balance now. The stock-taking of what is more important definitely helped mend the situation. In the process, what I’ve learnt is that whatever the situation, our reaction towards it defines the rest of the experience of that situation. What we think about the situation – whether we think it is doing good or doing bad to us and how we react to it are the key things to the what follows next.

I also realised that life becomes so much easy and aligned if you go with it – in other words, it is in our best interest not to coin the situations as being “bad”. If it is possible to act on the situation and change it, then nothing like it. But if acting on it is not a option, then accept it – and accept it fully. I still find it difficult to put this into practice all the time but I’m glad I have managed to see sense in this theory and able to implement it to some extent.

The good news from all this is that – I am back to blogging and I will try to have a steady and regular stream of blogs. I haven’t thought about how often I’ll be able to blog etc,. but lets hope for the best!

2 thoughts on ““I’m back” and some lessons learnt

  1. welcome back πŸ™‚

    If it is possible to act on the situation and change it, then nothing like it. But if acting on it is not a option, then accept it – and accept it fully..that’s so true archana….

    we push ourselves to follow these things every time we face difficulties,, but once we summarise
    ourselves or read or write it somewhere, that’s when we realise how effective are these statements and the change it brings in our life.

    happy blogging..

  2. Yes, the trick, I’ve learnt recently, is to constantly remind yourself of such simple theories – not just during difficult times/awkward situations, but also during normal days. By doing so, it becomes part of you and so you no longer need to make extra effort to handle difficult situations.

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