Small things beautiful

10 things that made me happy lately:

  • Meeting an old friend after ages and chatting about everything and everybody we know!
  • Playing blind man’s bluff with mum and trying to pretend that I’m really struggling to catch her
  • Small yet frequent bursts of excitement of knowing that I’ll be soon starting a new job that I’ve been longing for
  • A little rose blooming on my portico’s plant – my first ever little rose plant
  • Finally knowing and understanding the difference in usage between it’s and its. Phew!!
  • My daily telly soap (I follow just the one and I’m not ashamed to admit about it – it’s that good! 😉 )
  • Getting a lovely compliment for something I cooked last night. Compliments on food are a scarcity in our house so getting one last night really made my day.
  • Making a friend happy on her birthday is just one of those lovely feelings. I’m the kind who loves gifts and surprises. Besides a handful of assorted girly stuff, she also got a laminated hard copy of an old letter she had written a decade ago. (Oh don’t get us wrong, we are as tech savvy as everyone else now but we did write letters back in the days of no emails.)
  • A friend’s 2 year old asking me to read stories from her books. It went on one book after the other for about 5 different books but it made me happy to know that I can keep a 2 year old restless kid entertained enough to sit still for about thirty minutes!
  • Came across this song recently which made me smile: Living in the moment by Jason Mraz. Turn the volume up…

2 thoughts on “Small things beautiful

  1. small things truly are beautiful,after reading, I am feeling bit homesick..but yeah..good way to memorise all those days 🙂 well written archana

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