Small things beautiful

10 things that made me happy lately:

  • Meeting an old friend after ages and chatting about everything and everybody we know!
  • Playing blind man’s bluff with mum and trying to pretend that I’m really struggling to catch her
  • Small yet frequent bursts of excitement of knowing that I’ll be soon starting a new job that I’ve been longing for
  • A little rose blooming on my portico’s plant – my first ever little rose plant
  • Finally knowing and understanding the difference in usage between it’s and its. Phew!!
  • My daily telly soap (I follow just the one and I’m not ashamed to admit about it – it’s that good! 😉 )
  • Getting a lovely compliment for something I cooked last night. Compliments on food are a scarcity in our house so getting one last night really made my day.
  • Making a friend happy on her birthday is just one of those lovely feelings. I’m the kind who loves gifts and surprises. Besides a handful of assorted girly stuff, she also got a laminated hard copy of an old letter she had written a decade ago. (Oh don’t get us wrong, we are as tech savvy as everyone else now but we did write letters back in the days of no emails.)
  • A friend’s 2 year old asking me to read stories from her books. It went on one book after the other for about 5 different books but it made me happy to know that I can keep a 2 year old restless kid entertained enough to sit still for about thirty minutes!
  • Came across this song recently which made me smile: Living in the moment by Jason Mraz. Turn the volume up…

Last weekend

Last weekend, I went out to a resort with my family. It turned out to be quite relaxing and gave us a chance to beat the crazy summer.

It was quite an interesting little place. We played a game of bowling and I’m disappointed to say that my bowling skills are diminishing by the day! There were days when I used to effortlessly score above 100. But during my last couple of attempts, I barely made it beyond 40-50 😦  No matter what I do, I don’t seem to be able to prevent the ball from falling into the gutters (left side gutter mostly). Anyway, here’s the last section of my scoreboard. Just look at the number of zeroes! 😦

I quickly replaced the troublesome thoughts of these zeroes with some fun at the pool and water slides. Splash splash splash!








Pittar Patter Raindrops

I love rain, not the really boring drizzling type rain, which I used to loathe while in Scotland. But proper ‘cats and dogs’ rain. I know rain could get scary sometimes, particularly when there is a lot of lightning and thunder involved. However, last night when it rained in all its glory, it was pure bliss. It reminded me of one of the rhymes that I used to sing out loud as a kid. It goes like this:

“I hear Thunder, I hear Thunder

<something> <something> you, <something> <something> you

Pittar Patter raindrops, Pittar Patter raindrops

<rhymes with ‘you’>, <rhymes with ‘you’>”

As you can see, I don’t remember all (most) of it or may be I’ve never learnt it right in the first place. Never mind. I enjoyed every bit of the rain, though – the smell of rain, the sight of rain falling from the sky, the sight of raindrops, the sound of pittaring and pattering, the cool breeze and the occasional spray of rain water on my face.

Unfortunately, I did not manage to capture any images but I found a photo from a few months ago.

Last night’s rain was probably one of the most welcoming rains since last summer and guess how I celebrated it? By eating ice cream – Haagen Dazs Vanilla flavoured ice cream, one of my favourites  😀