Love Milkshakes, Hate Negativity

People living close to the equator are slowly getting dragged into another dreadful summer or may be already in another dreadful summer. I belong to the latter lot and therefore busy trying to find several ways to stay cool. Until a couple of years ago, I wasn’t a huge fan of fruits and neither did I make any effort to make sure I had ‘some’ fruits every week (deliberately had to use “week” since I haven’t reached the point of eating fruits every “day” yet). And I recently watched a telly show in which a nutritionist mentioned that the two things that would help beat the heat effectively are water and fruits. And so my obsession with fruits and milkshakes started there. I would do anything to stay cool in this crazy 40 C summer! As a starter to my long chain of summer milkshake days, I made a strawberry and banana milkshake yesterday. It tasted heavenly ๐Ÿ™‚ and only took 5 mins to prepare!

For those of you who haven’t discovered the world of easy milkshake making, I’ll be more than happy to share the recipe. Actually it is too quick and easy to even call it a recipe! And for those of you who hate eating bananas (I was the forerunner of the hate-banana club for several years), taking in bananas in a milkshake form completely eliminates the torture of eating them.

I think that’s enough of milk shakes and bananas for today. Now, there is this thing that has been bugging me for the last 2-3 days which, I thought, if shared, would stop bugging me. I’m not a huge cricket fanatic/expert or something but I pick up bits and pieces of headline news and I picked up news about Sachin Tendulkar recently. Non/anti-cricket readers, Sachin Tendulkar is one of the most popular cricketers in the world and one of the most worshipped cricketers in India. He made his hundredth hundred in international cricket recently and is the first one ever to achieve that. I think it is a pretty good achievement and if I were to achieve something like that, I would be hugely proud of myself.

Now the thing that has been bugging me is the reaction of some people towards this. I completely agree that everyone has a right to have their own opinion because well, I have an opinion too! But it is not the opinion that is bugging me, it is the way they have chosen to look at the other side of the coin. I know a few people who don’t like Sachin Tendulkar (before I write further, may be I should clarify that I’m neither a fan nor a hate-Sachin club member) and I absolutely deny their way of looking at all this. A few don’t think that this hundredth hundred or his hundred hundreds is/are a big deal because he has scored the hundredth against an apparently weaker team and a few others think that it should not be regarded as a big deal because cricket laurels should always be achieved as a team and not individually.

I’m not going into the arguments of how the media are over-publicising this and all that (which is a topic in its own right) but what I think is that a little positive attitude is called for. When somebody achieves something that you/nobody did, we can choose from standing up and clapping, stay seated and not react and finally, standing up and boo-ing. I somehow don’t approve of the last option – it smells of negative thinking. Also, it is not as though there was a competition and the judges chose somebody that we don’t like as the winner; It is an achievement which nobody else has managed to make, given his/her ability/circumstances. I’m sure lots of people have lots of different opinions on this but my side of the story stops here and I guess the ‘bugging’ will stop too.

Ooooh, this turned out to be a bigger essay than I expected so I shall leave the next two topics in my mind for my next blog. I’m trying to maintain a balance and become a regular blogger rather than all at once now and nothing later.

And I shall also post our South India photos too!

By the way, before choosing the word to appear in my post header, I had to check a couple of times in the dictionary if the word “Negativity” existed and if it is what I think it is. I think I’m ok on that. Please correct me if that’s not the case.

Laters! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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